【Latest edit】How to Registration Japantaxi App!! ~Welcome to Japan!~





Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to Japan!!

Today I will show you how to Registration Japanese taxi application

"JapanTaxi(全国タクシー/Zenkoku Taxi)".

Install & register the App

Let's install the App. You can register for as long as 3 minutes!

It corresponds to Android and iOS.

Install the App




  • JapanTaxi Co.,Ltd.
  • 旅行
  • 無料

First, search "Japantaxi" on the above link or each app store and install the application.

When installation is completed, open the application and tap  ”new account registration(新規アカウント登録)”.


Register the App

After installing the application, if you agree to the terms of use, the "confirm your identity(利用規約に同意)" screen will appear.

Enter your mobile phone number in the blank of the screen and tap Next.

Since 4 digit "authentication code" is sent by SMS, if you enter this and tap Next, you get the initial setting "Account information" input screen.

※If SMS is not available, you can use free SMS such as Textplus and so let's use that.



Next, register account information. Let's enter your name(Katakana), email address and password.

Here, enter the first-time limited coupon. You can only get it on this screen, so be sure to enter it!

Coupon Code:7A44D5

After confirming that you can enter it, tap on account setup completion.



Next, register the ”Net Pay”.

With ”Net Pay” you can pay a taxi fare with your credit card.

With this you do not have to pay in cash when you get off the bus!!

At a later date, your credit card will be charged.

▼Correspond to the following payment

Apple Pay/Google Pay
・Credit Card(VISA,MasterCard,JCB,AMEX,Diners)
Yahoo! Wallet